By the time spring approaches, most people are more than ready for some warm weather. There are many things to think about during this time and they range from preparing your home for the season to taking care of your pets.

After being cooped up during the winter months, your pet is looking forward to some outdoor air and fresh grass. Before you let the animal loose, it is important to realize that your cat or dog is vulnerable to pesky fleas that might fill the warm air. It is important to make sure that your pet is safe from the pests. The following are some helpful flea prevention tips.

Examine the pet

The first thing that you should do is to carefully examine your dog or cat. This is very important especially when you consider that sometimes cats and dogs pick up fleas during winter. The bloodsucking pests hide in the animal’s fur where they even lay eggs. Inspecting your pet for signs of fleas or their eggs is important. Use a flea comb to examine the pet for flea droppings, which usually appear as small white dots or dark brown or black specks that clump together on the fur.

Schedule a visit to the vet

If you notice any signs of a flea infestation, it is important to take the animal to a veterinarian immediately. Your pet will need to get treatment before he or she can venture outside. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to get rid of fleas. The vet can prescribe a pill that can kill all adult fleas within 24 hours. Apart from medication, you can get a special flea shampoo that will clean your pet of all flea eggs and larvae. Make sure that you visit the vet clinic before trying home remedies.

Choosing flea prevention products

When choosing flea-repelling products, you need to consider your pet’s lifestyle. Trying to choose the best products can be quite overwhelming due to the options available in the market. To find out the best flea prevention care, it is a good idea to consider your pet’s activities and surroundings. Consider whether your furry friend loves exploring in the woods, whether she likes climbing trees or playing near water sources. When you determine the lifestyle, you can choose the best treatment for your pet.

Weighing the options available

Before making the decision between the available treatment options, you need to know what is available. Most pet owners choose between flea drops and flea collars. Flea drops are topical application treatments that are applied to the animal to attack and eliminate fleas. A flea collar is worn around the neck and it works by emitting a gas that repels the fleas, or by releasing medication that is absorbed into the animal’s subcutaneous fat layer. When absorbed, the medication repels and eliminates the fleas.

It is important to remember that flea prevention is not just for the outdoors. In many cases, fleas hide inside the home, where they can lie dormant for months in carpets or upholstered furniture. It is important to vacuum your home weekly to ensure that your pet is safe from fleas. Pay particular attention to hidden corners, furniture, bedding, and other areas that your pet touches.