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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

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Listing of Candles

171 lit candles

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   For Our sweet greyhound Beatnik  ~Lit by~ Andrew, Mary and Lydia.

   For Nancy Drew Inman  ~Lit by~ Mommy and Daddy

   For Snow White Moonbeam  ~Lit by~ John & Carole Tremble

   For Callie Kitty   ~Lit by~ Kay and Richard

   For Capone  ~Lit by~ Laurie, Shawn and jasmine

   For Rane  ~Lit by~ Heather, Amiyah, Jayvian

   For Penny Lane Brown  ~Lit by~ Nathan, Sam, Ben and Zach Brown

   For LOLA  ~Lit by~ amber

   For Freya-Our retired Greyhound  ~Lit by~ Blair and Dana, We will love and miss you, always

   For Rusty  ~Lit by~ Mardy, Ken, and Sonja

   For Eba  ~Lit by~ Chris, Sydney and Kylie

   For floyd  ~Lit by~ Nanci Nathan Stella Pickle

   For Leia  ~Lit by~ Nathan Nanci Stella love always

   For Max  ~Lit by~ Joe and Monika with love

   For Smiley  ~Lit by~ Sandy and TJ

   For Cody and Puff   ~Lit by~ Ashley

   For Scooter  ~Lit by~ Mimi

   For Daisy  ~Lit by~ Julie

   For Sara & Joey  ~Lit by~ Mom, love you forever babies

   For Sara & Joey  ~Lit by~ Mom

   For Gyzmo  ~Lit by~ Linda Fair

   For Mitsy White-Poodle  ~Lit by~ We miss you so much/Mom and Dad💕

   For Sebestien  ~Lit by~ With love mommy

   For Bo, The Best Frenchie Ever!  ~Lit by~ Scott, Nanette & Aiden

   For Puffo  ~Lit by~ Raffy and Paolo

   For Miss Hollie  ~Lit by~ JC, Cyndi & boys

   For Braveheart Leo  ~Lit by~ JC, Cyndi & boys

   For Justice  ~Lit by~ Bob, Jan, Theresa Jessie, Ellie💔

   For Oreo  ~Lit by~ Lesley, Thalia

   For Lucky  ~Lit by~ Shelia Wiggins

   For Lucky  ~Lit by~ Alyssa

   For Lucky  ~Lit by~ Titi Cin

   For Lucky  ~Lit by~ Sandy & Ivan with love

   For RJ  ~Lit by~ Daddy

   For Alibi  ~Lit by~ Linda Lewis

   For Bella Roo  ~Lit by~ Matty and Caroline

   For Skipper  ~Lit by~ Margie and Ray

   For Troy  ~Lit by~ Wanda, Harrison & Kris

   For Matty the maltese  ~Lit by~ Louise and Clinton our beloved maltese

   For ZOE  ~Lit by~ SAM

   For ZOE  ~Lit by~ DIANA

   For Fanny  ~Lit by~ Mommy and Daddy

   For Saige  ~Lit by~ Loving family

   For Bianca  ~Lit by~ Linda Fair

   For Ruby   ~Lit by~ Beverly and Bryan with much love

   For Miss Hollie  ~Lit by~ Braveheart Leo

   For Abigail   ~Lit by~ Gene, Marcy and Katie

   For Lily  ~Lit by~ Jacqueline in my heart forever

   For TRIXIE  ~Lit by~ David Albrecht

   For Scrappy  ~Lit by~ Mom and sister

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Client Testimonials

"Besides great care for sick animals etc., Bostic Vets are wonderful for breeders, safely getting viable pups into this world. For my Cavaliers, I believe the most dangerous day of their lives is the day they are born. I have not lost a viable pup since working with Bostic. I have had Cavaliers for 20 years and it is heartbreaking to lose a pup for any reason. "
– Lois T.